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Here is a glimpse into some thoughts I’ve been walking through lately.

A Deep Dive into Engineered Guerrilla Serendipity by Unleashing the Power of Chance Encounters.

Serendipity refers to the phenomenon of stumbling upon fortunate discoveries while not actively seeking them. It's the delightful surprise of finding something valuable or pleasurable when you least expect it. (It’s real - I once found a $10 bill on the sidewalk).

Classic Examples

Scientific breakthroughs: The discovery of penicillin by Alexander Fleming, the invention of the Post-it Note, or the development of X-rays all resulted from serendipitous events.

Personal connections: Finding a lifelong friend at a random social gathering or meeting a business partner through a chance encounter at the chamber of commerce.

Creative insights: Experiencing a sudden burst of inspiration for a new project or solution while engaged in an unrelated activity.

Engineered Serendipity is the intentional design of environments or systems to increase the likelihood of serendipitous encounters. It involves creating the conditions that foster unexpected connections and exploration. Brain storming sessions are most used.

Guerrilla Serendipity means serendipitous encounters evoked through mundane daily activities that don’t cost money.  G=ABC (guerrilla=anything but cash).

Engineered Guerrilla Serendipity (EGS) isn't just a fancy term for stumbling upon a twenty-dollar bill on the sidewalk. It's a deliberate dance with chance, a calculated nudge towards unexpected connections and fortuitous collisions of ideas. While the concept holds huge potential, navigating its intricacies requires both strategic finesse and a dash of playful spontaneity. Let's delve into EGS, exploring its strengths, potential pitfalls, and how to maximize its serendipitous spark.


Strengths Rekindled, With a Fresh Perspective.  Here is some of what I’m talking.

First step is – acquire the mindset that serendipity is real. Serendipity is a common daily experience that can be engineered consciously to manifest.

Serendipitor is the person who makes serendipitous encounters happen. They have an irrevocable and irrepressible spirit of optimism.

Innovation Playground.   EGS throws open the doors to unconventional networking arenas. Forget stuffy conferences and expensive seminars. Think rather of impromptu book clubs hosted in quirky cafes, flash mobs erupting in bustling plazas, or thematic scavenger hunts (Geocache), weaving through vibrant cityscapes. These playful maneuvers not only spark connections but also unleash a torrent of creative energy, fostering collaborations among folks that might never have met in sterile, traditional settings.

Embraced Openness. By stepping outside the predictable routines of daily life and injecting a dose of EGS, we crack open the gates to chance encounters. This isn't about blind hope. It's about strategically placing ourselves in fertile grounds for serendipity in blind dates. Joining a pottery class not just to learn how to mold clay, but also to connect with fellow artists, swap creative ideas, and perhaps stumble upon an unexpected artistic collaboration.

Democratizing the Unexpected.  EGS levels the playing field, tossing aside the velvet ropes surrounding traditional networking circles. Financial constraints no longer act as insurmountable barriers. All you need is a dash of wit, a sprinkle of resourcefulness, and willingness to step outside your comfort zone. Suddenly, the shy introverted student can find their voice amidst a lively book club discussion, and the cash-strapped artist can connect with potential patrons at a street art exhibition. 

Yes. Stepping out of our comfort zone.

I’ve seen dozens of times how introverted folks walk into a public speaking club, participate and gradually shed their introversion shackles and stand up and talk to fellow members with increasingly growing confidence. And before they know it their club members become friends or future business partners.

Remember, serendipity thrives on a foundation of intentionality. Identify the types of connections you seek, the unique skills you can to share, and knowledge you wish to acquire. Then, craft your EGS maneuvers with these goals in mind. Join a coding club if you seek tech-savvy collaborators, or volunteer at a local animal shelter or zoo if you long for a furry friend and a supportive community. Join an on-line virtual serendipity club.  If there is none, create one on Facebook.

Authenticity is the Guiding Star.  The line between playful nudges and manipulative ploys can be blurry. Always remember, EGS thrives on frank genuine connections and mutual value exchange with friends. I approach my encounters with an open heart and a willingness to give as much as you receive. I share my knowledge, or offer my time, and celebrate the successes of others. In this spirit of authenticity, serendipity flourishes.

Scaling the Serendipity Summit.  EGS is a personal dance with chance. Its potential impact ripples outwards. Document your EGS exploits, share your stories, and inspire others to embrace the unexpected.

Create online communities or host face to face gatherings where serendipity seekers can connect and share their fortuitous encounters. By scaling EGS beyond individual endeavors, we can cultivate a culture of open-mindedness and chance encounters, one unexpected connection at a time.

The serendipitor’s spirit conquers any shade of pessimism.

Engineered guerrilla serendipity is more than just a clever phrase.  It's a philosophy of life. It’s a playful rebellion against the predictable routine.  It’s a potent tool for forging meaningful connections and igniting unexpected possibilities.

Forget Fancy Schmancy Soirees to  Get Guerrilla Serendipitous Encounters!

Engineered guerrilla serendipity (that's EGS for the cool kids) is about shaking things up and bumping into awesome folks in a fun way. Think flash mobs in the subway; themed scavenger hunts around the park; or impromptu poetry slams at your local coffee shop.


Why EGS Rocks:

Playground for Innovation. Ditch the boring routines and explore the world of unexpected connections. Imagine brainstorming with fellow artists at a community knitting class. How about a public speaking club?  I was a member of one for 12 years. You won’t believe the number of friends I made there. I’ve friends worldwide. EGS throws open the doors to creativity and collaboration, all without breaking the bank.

Chance Encounters - Mastered.   EGS isn't about aimlessly waiting for lady luck to smile. It's about strategically walking in serendipity's path. You love books? Join a quirky book club and swap stories with fellow bibliophiles. Passionate about sustainability? Volunteer at a local community garden and meet eco-warriors like yourself. The possibilities are endless!

Say that again - The enlightened Serendipitor is Member of a Social Serendipity Club.

EGS is open to All, Cash Is Not Required.   EGS is the ultimate equalizer. No fancy suits, no hefty price tags required. Just bring your wit, your touch of resourcefulness, and a willingness to embrace the unexpected. Suddenly, the shy bookworm can find their voice in a lively discussion, and the broke artist can connect with potential patrons at a free art exhibition.

Wait.  There's More You Can Do.

Don't Just Throw Spaghetti at the Wall.  While EGS celebrates chance, blind luck can be a fickle friend.

Prepare yourself by thinking about what you hope to gain from these encounters. Craving tech connections? Hit up that computers hardware builders club. Volunteer at the animal shelter. Intentionality is key to making EGS work its magic.  Go to your local library. Pull out the first book on the top shelf next to the window…. What does it tell you? Write and post a book review on Good Reads.

Be Real, Not Phony.  EGS thrives on genuine connections. Ditch the forced networking smiles and let your inner weirdo show. Share your knowledge, offer your time, and celebrate the wins of others. When we're real, serendipity follows us.

Serendipity is Magnanimous. Share the gospel of serendipity. Spread it.  Don't hoard your EGS stories like a squirrel with acorns! Share your adventures, document your encounters, post them on your blogs and inspire others to embrace the unexpected. Create online communities, host offline gatherings, and let the serendipity wave roll.

Keep in mind - financial serendipity is real. But that is a different topic altogether.

Remember, the most extraordinary and fortunate encounters often happen when you least expect them. Now go forth and embrace the guerrilla serendipity within you!  Read that again.



- It's like finding a hidden gem in a thrift store or bumping into your bestie at a random cafe—those happy surprises that make life feel like a movie montage.

- Imagine this: you're strolling through a park, minding your own business, and BAM! You spot a four-leaf clover.  That's serendipity, baby!

- It's the universe winking at you, saying, "Hey, I've got your back."


    Engineered Serendipity

- This is when you get kinda sneaky and generate opportunities for the magical encounters to happen.

- Set up a party for your friends with the goal of sparking unexpected connections and conversations.

- Design a playground for chance encounters, where the unexpected is always welcomed and appreciated.

- Never, never eat alone. Always share your bread.

- Attend public square demonstrations, political rallies, charitable fund raising events, 

- The best of romance - think of those dating apps – harmony, match, tinder, grindr  all of them match you based on your love of hiking, poetry, romance, pizza, tacos, sex, investments and those co-working spaces that bring together entrepreneurs or artists under one roof.


My Take Home Bottom Lines

- Embrace the unexpected moments, because they lead to something amazing.

- Be comfortable creating little chaos in your life and watch what happens.

- After all, life's a lot more fun when you make room for surprises.


I got there serendipitouly.




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