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Dr. Mandy Lender is an engaging public speaker.

His speech portfolio is rich with a variety of topics from healthcare to inspirational Bible lessons.   Dr. Mandy Lender is available to speak before interested audiences on his topics of expertise.

  • The Law of Attraction in biblical periods

  • He is fond of speaking about the prophet Habakkuk and his theological legacy. 

  • The Law of Attraction in modern life-sciences and social-sciences

  • Attracting health and the cure with the Law of Attraction

  • Dr. Lender speaks of Cancer Survivorship from his own experience - Attracting the cure




Dr. Mandy Lender is an experienced public speaker and speech writer.  Dr. Lender served for three non-consecutive annual terms as president of the Saginaw Harvey Spaulding Toastmasters Club # 781. 

Dr. Mandy Lender was vice-president for education in two Toastmasters International clubs – a non-profit organization providing training skills in public speaking:

  • Saginaw Toastmasters club # 781 – an open community club

  • Hemlock Talk – a closed corporate club – at Hemlock Semiconductor Corporation.


Mandy is available to persons seeking assistance in:

  • Speech writing – contents of a speech.

  • Speech deliveryCoaching ahead of:  key-note address, congratulatory remarks, celebratory events, homily or eulogy.

If you wish to bring Dr. Lender as a guest speaker to your event venue.  Or if you want to hear him church or seminary as a speaker you can contact him by email or phone.


Phone: 989 401 1164



Dr. Lender has a unique perspectives on healthcare and attracting The Cure.

Check it out on his website:  



Join Dr. Mandy Lender on Facebook as a Friend.   You will find his pages listed on social media platforms as - Mandy Lender.  

Dr. Lender responds to book clubs’ questions and discussions about his books “The Vision of HabakkuK” and “The Master Attractor”. 






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