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Be The Master Attractor Evangelist You Meant To Be

Teaching and Spreading the Gospel!  Growing the church!


That is your mission - from St. Paul time to the present time.


The great prophets and later the Apostles and church fathers wittingly used the framework of faith based Law of Attraction. 


Faith based Law of Attraction.


Their mission was to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to grow the church. Your mission is still the same today.


Everything that pastors, preachers and evangelists do every day aims to:


Spread  the  Gospel  &  Grow  the  Church



Introducing the book:


“The Master Attractor. The Law of Attraction in the Holy Bible & Beyond”, authored by Dr. Mandy Lender.


This book supports your personal mission:


​The book reviews the mindset of the Law of Attraction.

It teaches you the mindset of the Law of Attraction.


The book reviews biblical history and demonstrates where and how the Law of Attraction was used to spread the Gospel.


The book reviews modern uses of the Law of Attraction to bring the faithful to Jesus.

It provides over 50 methods employing the Law of Attraction to manifest health and prosperity.




























Jesus defined the Law of Attraction: “Ask and it shall be given…”  (Matthew 7:7, Luke 11:9, Mark 11:24).


The Law of Attraction is divinely and relentlessly creative.  


The prophet Habakkuk was the first to teach a system to manifest.  Habakkuk used the Law of Attraction.

Habakkuk provided the instructions on how to manifest.(Habk. 2:1-4).


The Apostle Paul endorsed Habakkuk.  St. Paul endorsed Habakkuk’s system.   

St. Paul quoted Habakkuk in his epistles twice:  Romans 1:17 and Galatians 3:11.


St. Paul of Tarsus perfected his own system.

St. Paul used his system to spread the Gospel and launch the church!

The pastor Dr. Norman Vincent Peale understood the power of positive thinking and the Law of Attraction. 


Billy Graham used this system. 

Billy Graham used the Key Concepts of the Law of Attraction – while he preached the Gospel attracting live audiences estimated at 185 million people.


Joel Osteen knows this system.  Joel Osteen uses this system.

Attracting believers to the Gospel is the single most important cause for the church.


Stop to think:

Can you continue your ministry without studying your personal copy of  “The Master Attractor. The Law of Attraction in the Holy Bible & Beyond” ?

























To order your autographed book go to:



Buy a second copy for your church library.


This book’s all 140 pages is printed in full colors with silky matt soft covers.


Here is what you will find in “The Master Attractor”:


Chapter One reviews the current neuro-scientific background of the Law of Attraction. Explained by a physician.


Chapter Two reviews the first Master Attractor - Moses.  He studied in the Egyptian royal court the Key Concepts of the Law of Attraction.  Moses manifested freedom from slavery, abundance - of food and water in the desert for the Israelites.


Chapter Four analyzes the famous Prayer of Jabez and how Jabez became a successful land-owner – a realtor.   Most churches own or lease some real estate. Land.  Building. Parsonage.


Chapter Six discusses in depth Habakkuk’s system for practicing the Law of Attraction – how to turn your thoughts into reality!

HabakkuK, like a diamond - is forever!


Chapter Eleven analyzes the acts of the earliest Master Attractor to Christianity – Paul of Tarsus.  Everything that Paul did great Evangelists still do.  Today!


Chapter Thirteen explores the Billy Graham Evangelical Association and how it benefits from the Law of Attraction.


Chapters Five, Twelve and Fourteen describe how contemporary medical doctors use the Law of Attraction together with prayer to heal and cure. Among them are Nobel Prize winners like  Dr. Albert Schweitzer and Dr. Alexis Carrel. 

    It is called Integrative Medicine.


Chapter Fifteen lists what’s in the toolbox of the Law of Attraction to manifest what you ask. 


The book has a Study Guide to be used for group study.  


It has an Appendix with reports from travels to the Holy Land.  


There is an Index at the end.


And there is much more.






















































On the left under the blue skies, is the church of Mensa Christi at the shore of the blue Lake of Galilee.






Turn Your Thoughts Into Reality - with the Law of Attraction.




Plan a visit to the Lake of Galilee leading a delegation of your church.











Order you own autographed copy.


Buy it from our on-line bookstore and you will get your copy autographed by the author - Dr. Mandy Lender.


Personalize it as you wish.

Witness with me the sites where Jesus cured the sick and manifested abundance in color photographs.


The Heptapegon Church – the Church of Loaves and Fishes:

To your left is the rock upon which Jesus prayed and divided the five loaves and two fishes among the multitudes.  Above it is the altar.  On the floor in front is the centuries old world-famous mosaic depicting the loaves and fishes.


Order your copy of  “The Master Attractor.  The Law of Attraction in the Holy Bible & Beyond”.  


Autographed by the author!




To order go here:





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Yes.  That’s right.  You read it right.  Integrative Medicine!


Integrative Medicine is the combination of practice and methods of alternative medicine, such as prayer, together with cutting edge evidence based medicine.


Throughout this book, “miracles” of healing and cures are quoted from the Bible. 

Miracles were performed from Moses to Jesus. 


Paul referred to Luke as “the beloved physician”. (Colossians 4:14).    But that is in the Bible…

Be sure - the Law of Attraction and prayer facilitated Biblical “Miracles” of cure and healing. 


Prayer still has a role in the 21st century.


This book cites modern age and contemporary renowned medical doctors who integrated prayer with evidence based medicine.


Chapter Five mentions some physicians’ names.  Other physicians’ names come up throughout the text whenever relevant. 


You know that prayer is always relevant. 

What about others?  Do they know it?


Prayer for healing and cure sets a destiny. 


Prayer is always relevant!


In this case, the destiny is healing, recovery and cure.


Prayer of petition is the “ask” element of the Key Concepts of the Law of Attraction. 

Prayer of intercession also has an “ask” element that emanates from the Key concept of the “mastermind alliance”.


Here is a short list of renowned physicians who recognized that prayer, or the focused mind-set, is part of integrative medicine:


Sir Roger Bannister (M.D.


Alexis Carrel (M.D., Nobel Prize)


Larry Dossey (M.D.)


Viktor Frankl (M.D.)


Elmer Hess (M.D., President AMA)


Albert Schweitzer (M.D., Ph.D., Nobel Prize)


More great thinkers of our times:


Ann M. Lawrence (M.D, Ph.D.); mentioned to me first the term – Mind over Matter.


Robert K. Merton (Ph.D., 20 honorary degrees) is the father of the Self-Fulfilling Prophesy.


C.G. Jung (Ph.D. and dozen other honorary degrees is the father of synchronicity).





















Can a patient recover from cancer unless the patient believes that cure is possible and asks for a cure?

“O Lord my God, I cried unto thee, and thou hast healed me.” (Psalm 30:2).


Can a physician heal a patient unless the physician believes that a cure is possible?


Can a chaplain provide pastoral care in a hospital without understanding the foundations of integrative medicine


The renowned pastor Dr. Norman Vincent Peale, a Methodist minister author of “The Power of Positive Thinking” collaborated with the

psychoanalyst Dr. Smiley Blanton to write the book “Faith Is the Answer: A Psychiatrist and a Pastor Discuss Your Problems” (1940).


Let me repeat: How can a patient heal if the patient and his physician do not believe that a cure is possible?  Of course belief in the cure come first.


Study the “The Master Attractor. The Law of Attraction in the Holy Bible & Beyond”.


You owe it to yourself.


You owe it to your congregation!


Get your work copy:



Order a 2nd copy for your church library.


Order copies for your theological seminary.


Give autographed copies as gift to your church donors & benefactors.



If you wish a personalized dedication inscribed by the author, enter your name and desired text at the comments box of the book order form.


You can contact the author by e-mail with order questions and mailing instructions. 

The author welcomes questions for study groups.

Send a message to the author:





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Dr. Mandy (Menahem) Lender is Chief Evangelist for Habakkuk. 

He earned his M.D. degree from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem; and earned M.B.A degree from the Dominican University, River Forest, IL. 


He was an Associate Professor of Medicine with Loyola University Stritch School of Medicine, Maywood, IL and Rosalind Franklin University of Health sciences, North Chicago Illinois.



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Do you need an idea source and inspiration for a Sermon?


Make “The Master Attractor” your source book for sermon ideas.


Use the book's study guide as an idea trigger. 


Use the book's tool-box chapter as a trigger for IDEAS.


Do you give a key-note speech at your civic service organization?

How about presenting the subject of the Self-Fulfilling Prophesy?


I gave inspirational speeches about the great lives of:


Albert Schweitzer


Viktor Frankl


Sir Roger Bannister


Billy Graham


The Law of Attraction


Are you invited to the Christian Realtors Association meeting? 

Tell them about the Prayer of Jabez who amassed real estate…


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Get your personalized copy:












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Albert Schweitzer worked in alignment with the Law of Attraction:


“Thought is the strongest thing we have. Work is done by true and profound thought. That is the real force.”


(Dr. Albert Schweitzer. Preacher. Physician.  Nobel Prize 1954).

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