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This blog starts with the “Hippie”.

It was about four months ago when I asked my librarian if he can get a copy of Paulo Coelho’s memoir “Hippie.” For some reason he couldn’t find one in house or in the interlibrary network. I could have gone on Amazon and buy a used copy and read it. But I didn’t; maybe it wasn’t too important to me. Yesterday he handed me a brand new copy of the “Hippie.”

Librarians are there in the library to help. They by their nature are emphatic folks.

Librarians have hard time saying no. They always try to be of assistance. You ask a librarian on which shelf is the book and they just escort you to the right aisle and shelf and hands you the sought for book and show you all other books on the same topic.

Their attention makes me feel sometimes uneasy. After all I can’t reward them with other than a warm Thank you!

Other time, they’ll walk around with you and tell you what else is new in the library. A conversation with a librarian is free of charge. It doesn’t cost us money to chat with the librarian. Their wisdom and guidance is free. As always the best things in life are free.

Better yet.

A librarian always has the answer. Or if they don't, they know where to find it.

Librarians come in all different shapes, sizes and ages... So there is always a suitable librarian around for every patron feel comfortable. In our library they keep a big box with scarves and winter hats for needy folks. Liberians’ library keeps us warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Librarians encourage us to be rebels. Librarians inevitably teach us how to think differently. That's how hippies are made.


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