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"Maximize Your Reach: Syndicate Your Posts on Mandy's Six Blog Sites"

Publish or Perish - may the forces of the Blog posts be with you.

My blog posts are syndicated on my six (6) different blog sites.

Content creation is the way of future intellectual survival.

All the six blog sites are sooner or later indexed by the major search engines. Search engines such as Google (91%), Bing, Yahoo, and li’l others.

Because of the growing ubiquity of AI, search engines sooner or later copy each other’s contents.

If you want to be noticed on the top of the search engine results page your internet occurrence need to be… noticed by the search engines.

The more – The merrier.

Below are my current running blog sites.   This blog is the pearl in the oyster. Why? Because it is hosted by Google’s Blogger.  The posts are indexed by… Google’s very own. Duh.   Over 100 million user-bloggers.

Notes: The top 5 blog sites are for a fee that I pay annually.

Every blogging site requires different formatting in order to publish. It is not a one click and Publish job.

I f you want to publsh with - Your cost is – 0

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