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Here are three productive dispositions towards life. Consider them.

If you like them – adopt them.


That means that we should reinvent ourselves every day.

Whether you like it or not, we live under continuous changes. Our reality is perpetually changing.

Life around us is in continuous transformation. Consciously or not, we are being ceaselessly transformed.

Our chronological age changes every day. Every twenty-four hours our age changes.

Our outer appearances change incrementally as time goes by. During childhood we grew lots of hair. As we proceed living to our life’s end we get there with sparse hair or no hair. We change our own definition of who we are. One time I was a medical student, then a medical doctor. Later, I showed up as a Sunday morning Bible preacher. Look it up on YouTube…

Consider the transgender movement - people change their gender. The Olympic athlete Bruce Jenner is now Ms. Caitlyn Jenner.

Ronald Reagan reinvented himself from a film industry actor to US president.

We have choices. The choices before us are either to let things happen to us -- go bald, or get a hair transplant.

Would you let s stranger decide the coloring of your hair?

Should we let other people define us? This is the question.

It is our personal responsibility to reinvent ourselves in response to the changes around us. We are always in a better position reinventing ourselves, and define who we are rather than let others do it to us.

Folks who are determined on self-improvement are self-transformative.


This comes naturally to those who have a vision and goals.

I found that achievement of a goal is easier than carrying the hardships of an ambiguous generality. Having a goal means that you know what you want.

Life around us brings flow waves of opportunities. Hurricanes of opportunities!

Many times it is enough to have a goal and then keep your eyes and ears open and the goal rolls right in your doorstep. Ask and you shall receive.

Trespassing limits and crossing boundaries is a misperception.

Who sets the limits for us? Do you let others decide what your limits are? For many years it was believed that a man cannot run a mile in less than four minutes, until in 1954 Dr. Roger Banister did it.

We need to live without bias and avoid assumptions. Assumptions have no basis in our empiric reality.

Be unbiased - take it to the limit. If you trespass a boundary – it is a lot easier to ask forgiveness than permission...


Live your own life. Go ahead and do what you think is right for you.

Tell nobody where you are headed.

When you don’t tell no one what you are about to do, then no one can intimidate you with their own fears of failure.

Why would you agree to carry the burden of other people’s prejudices?

Notice how leading politicians go everywhere speaking in public and never tell their future public office plans…


Ø Reinvent yourself

Ø Bring it to the limit

Ø Do your own thing

3-25-2011; 8-20-13, 9-28-21

© Mandy Lender 2011, 2013, 2021

You can see me preaching the Bible – Book of HabakkuK here:


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