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The two weeks of the UN Climate Change Conference are about to end tomorrow. 30,000 people attended this UN sponsored jamboree. The COP27 as it is renamed this year is an annual event that took place in the Egyptian tourist and resort city of Sharm El Sheikh.

Sharm El Sheikh is an Arabic name meaning -"Bay of the Wise". The weather is good, the scuba diving is fun and underwater sightseeing is amazing.

When the COP26 took place last year in Glasgow, it generated into the atmosphere over 102,000 tons of carbon. The final estimate for this year obscene carbon from fossil fuel generated by this conference has yet to be calculated.

Climate Change Industry is a big business.

Climate change business is a money making business like any other industry and business.

It has its own money making sponsors and their numerous co-sponsors: tourists, scientists, politicians protesters and curiosity seekers.

Climate Change Industry is not different than the fear mongering Organized Religion business worldwide that sponsor building of houses of worship, pilgrimages and spiritual conventions.

Climate Change Industry is not different than the war mongering movements. The like of national revanchists political parties who feed the Military Industrial Complex that designs and manufactures for profit fighting weapons.

Climate Change Industry is not any different from the Entertainment Industry that makes the citizens of the world feel good. Providing movies, theme parks, cabarets, and gambling houses.

COP28 - See you next year in the dream city of Dubai.

Views of beautiful Sharm El Sheikh



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