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Serendipity is the realization of a fortunate event through sagacious observation.

Serendipity is the personal mirror by which we see ourselves. When we consider ourselves lucky we mean to say that we encountered serendipity.

The Intelligent Serendipiters are folks attentive to their surroundings. They use their perceptive abilities and interact with their environment as soon as they recognize its distinctive novel characteristics.

How do they do it?

The Intelligent Serendipiter knows that serendipity is not a goal. It is not an aim, nor is serendipity a tool.

Serendipity is a talent. It is awareness - a faculty. You can’t exercise serendipity and you can’t run out of serendipity.

What can we do?

Be at all times aware of serendipity and it will be there with you. Serendipity can’t be earned and can’t be purchased. Serendipity is the groundwork.

Next, they who are aware of serendipity recognize their wishes and desires.

Serendipity is intelligence that exists in the sagacious human. With awareness and intelligence the perceptive person sees through the haze of life their interests, desires and wishes.

The Intelligent Serendipiter connects all the scattered dots that they see into a meaningful image. The Intelligent Serendipiter sees a bridge where others see gaping hole.

Serendipity by awareness implies that a solution exists in the realm of certainty. Certainty is - the proof of the solution. The solution is there waiting for the problem that it is predestined to solve.

How to do? Be exposed to the environment surrounding you. The solution is right there, waiting to be accepted for what it is.

Serendipity is the epitome of the passion for discovery.

Ask Galileo Galilei. The four moons of Jupiter were waiting for Galileo to notice them.

Ask Elon Musk - he who perceives necessities waiting to be fulfilled.

Serendipity is not luck. It is character – talent and aptitude.

El tiempo de serendipia.

Changalang is a town in India. Serendip is the old name of Sri Lanka.


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