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Everyone who uses the internet for search of an “item”, a “something”, accepts the fact that the big search engines are biased.

All search engines are biased because they are owned by different internet giant corporations who collect as much as available information there is in cyberspace.

Every high technology giant wants to grab the users’ data and identity. Each search engine attempt to outsmart all other search engines and sells it. It’s all a given to the users.

Sometimes a search engine of one technology giant such as Microsoft’s Bing Search Engine ignores web sites hosted by Google web-services.

The reason is simple: why promote the competitor’s web service?

The case in point is the web-site, .

Bing Search ignores this web site just because it’s hosted by Google’s hosting service.

The use of is free. On the other hand Microsoft does not provide free site hosting as Google does. Well, this is one more reason why I avoid using Microsoft’s Edge browser. Yahoo Search is not this big-league.

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