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Do we need to do something in order to manifest?

The Tao tells us that the Master acts without doing anything.

This is contrary to what we are used to think. We are used to set a goal and write it down. Next we are told to set a deadline for the goal. And next we better act on our goal.

According to the Tao the process is different.

Therefore the Master acts without doing anything

and teaches without saying anything.

Things arise and she let them come;

Things disappear and she lets them go.

She has but she doesn’t possess,

Acts but doesn’t expect.

When her work is done, she forgets it.

That is why it lasts forever.

(Tao Te Ching Chapter 2)

The master acts without doing anything.

How is that ?

Things come and go. You have it all but you do not possess any of it.

Teaching: act but without doing.

When you act - do not expect. If you act and expect you set a dead-line. When you set a dead-line you might not be around to see it manifested.

Teaching: avoid time expectation. Do not set deadlines.

Note: The last two lessons out of the Tao are counter-intuitive and contradict the teachings of the Master Attractor. Yet it’s all true and all integral part of the Attractome.

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